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Lesson 2: When do you eat?

The words for specific meals of the day can be translated as the word for “meal” (bưa ăn or bữa cơm) + the time of day. In the previous lesson, we learned that the word ăn means to eat. The word cơm means rice, which is traditionally eaten at almost every meal.

Times of the day Specific meals (noun) To eat specific meals (verb)
Morning: sáng

Noon: trưa

Afternoon: chiều

Evening: tối

Night: đêm

Breakfast: bưa ăn sáng

Lunch: bưa ăn trưa

Dinner: bữa ăn tối (chiều)

Snacks: bữa ăn qua loa

Breakfast: ăn sáng

Lunch: ăn trưa

Dinner: ăn tối (chiều)

Snacks: ăn qua loa or ăn vội vàng (literally “eat in a hurry”) or ăn tạm (literally “eat temporary”)

Oftentimes, I’ll have to ask questions about when and how often. So here’s a list of some new vocabulary.

Hungry đói
Thirsty khát
Day ngày
Week tuần
Month tháng
Before trước khi
After sau khi
Now bây giờ
1:00 am một giờ sang
2:30pm hai giờ ba mươi chiều
Sometimes thỉnh thoảng
Often thường, hay, luôn
Never không bao giờ
All the time luôn luôn or lúc nào cũng

Need a review on numbers and time? Try the Vietnamese phrasebook on WikiTravel or if you’re more of an auditory learner, search for “Vietnamese numbers” or “Vietnamese time” on YouTube.

Related sample dialogue

Do you eat breakfast? (Bạn) có ăn sáng?
When? Lúc nào?
Every day Hằng ngày or mỗi ngày
Four times a day Bốn lần mỗi ngày
I eat breakfast around 7:00 am. (Tôi) ăn sang khoảng bảy giơ sáng.
I don’t eat lunch. (Tôi) không ăn trưa.
Are you hungry? (Bạn) có đói (không)?
Are you thirsty? (Bạn) khát (không)?
I am hungry. (Tôi) đói.

Không is your go-to negative (e.g. no, not, etc). You can also add it to the end of your sentences to turn them into questions.

I put the pronouns in parenthesis because your relationship to the person you are addressing determines what pronoun you use to refer to yourself and them. If you need a review on this subject, try the Wiki page on pronouns or again do a search on YouTube.


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